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Why Meditate?

Monday, April 26th, 2010

There are so many ideas in the world. It seems like every day there is a new study showing what we should eat or how we should live our lives. Most of these well meaning studies contradict. Eat meat, Don’t eat meat. Work hard, don’t work so hard. Help others, help yourself so you can help others, take what you can, give nothing back. Drugs are bad, except these drugs which are good, oh wait; these drugs were good but now they are bad.

There does seem to be one thing that is true. Objective science keeps proving it over and over. Every study includes provisions to avoid having this one fact interfere with the results of their tests. Science keeps trying to ignore this one thing and by doing so they prove it even more strongly. What you think, you create! Your thoughts are creating your reality. This is being taught now at over 23 accredited medical schools around the country. They use the words prayer and positive thinking but the message is the same.

We know that what we focus on, what we believe, is. We better have some control over what we are thinking, focusing on and believing. Meditation offers an opportunity to have a measure of control over our thoughts. Meditation also helps us quiet the mental chatter enough to be able to hear our own higher selves. When you are connected to the larger part of yourself, you bring your dualistic nature into balance and you become the being you intended.

Meditation is a skill. Sitting quietly and grinding away at your problems is not it. Quarts crystal singing bowls offer an experience of a successful meditation. Once you have this experience you can repeat it daily. The more you do this the better you can focus on what you want in the world and the more what you want comes to you.

flower in stillness