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How many thoughts does it take to change a light bulb?

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Excerpt from The Mechanics of Mindfulness, an upcoming class by Kelly MacInnis

We are creatures of habit. This is by design. As we repeat an experience it becomes automatic. This is why, after a while, we can ride a bike or drive a car without thinking about the steps involved.

This automatic feature or our being is at the foundation of our physiology. It is what keeps us breathing, our blood flowing, and our food digesting. It is why we don’t need to know how we move  a finger or how to grow hair.

Things become automatic in human consciousness too. When we keep thinking something for a while, it starts to fade into the background of our consciousness; still there but not as noticeable. If we continue thinking the thought it becomes completely automatic, we don’t notice it at all. These fully automatic thoughts are beliefs.

When a thought is maintained long enough to become fully automatic, it keeps resonating in our physical being and our consciousness. These beliefs or thought habits become the foundation of who we know ourselves to be. They effect our health, our relationships, our ability to make money, even what we experience in life.

If you have ever tried to change one of these thought habits, you know it can be very tricky. Even identifying our beliefs can be a challenge…..

How many thoughts does it take to change a light bulb? It depends on how many you’ve changed.

August Singing Bowl News

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Workplace Wellness – for small businesses is available in downtown Boulder. Start your week on solid ground! Monday 7:00am wellness practice at Om Time Boulder.

Discount Punch Cards – for ongoing meditation practices. Seven sessions for the price of six. Available at any Creation Songs event!.

Singing Bowls for Couples – The weekly meditation at ESC for the Arts – in Gunbarrel has changed time and format. New time is 7:00 – 8:00 pm. The new format is “Singing Bowls for Couples”. Singing bowls that support the Heart (love), Third Eye (intuition, spiritual connection), Sacral Plexus (sexual organs, emotional gateway), Solar Plexus (self acceptance, giving and receiving). The intention is to help couples remember why they are together, increase intimacy/sensuality and to release thought patterns that block union. Bring soft things to lie on together and fall in love again!

Longmont Magazine – will have an article about Creation Songs and what I do in their summer issue Look for it on August 15. 2010

The Mechanics of Mindfulness – This is a four part class about consciousness, emotional balance through thought management, meditation, vibrational resonance in healing, and manifestation through intention. There will be physical demonstrations of the principles taught, ongoing experimentation between classes and of course, singing bowls. The dates for the four classes are not yet set. The location will be Om Time Denver. Check in the coming weeks for more information.

Things change when you do something different. Come to a weekly practice and see what happens.

in love,

Kelly MacInnis