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Respecting Love Over Fear

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Conventional marketing wisdom says that if you don’t think something is scarce you won’t buy it, even if you want to. You will put it off indefinitely. Marketing says that if I list a lot of benefits or features you will think it is over priced, no mater how inexpensive it is. They say that if you’re not personally invested, you won’t get any benefit.

So far it seems like they may be right. But I have never been very conventional. I have more respect for your impulse to love than your impulse to fear.

I discovered these crystal bowls. They are a powerful wellness tool that is revolutionary. Crystal bowls create the opportunity to change yourself. They enhance your ability to stay connected and well. All you have to do is listen. If you add a little bit of intention and willingness to go into whatever you find, they can be life changing.

I have this amazing tool. My impulse to love says, “make it available.” I discovered that if you keep listening, they help more. So I make them available a lot. There are an abundance of opportunities to take advantage of this remarkable instrument. The benefits are many and the price is reasonable.

Marketing says you won’t come. It is too available, has too many benefits, and I haven’t asked you to make a huge investment to try it. Love says you will come. Love says you will do it because it is time to change something, to stop struggling, its time to relax deeper into wellbeing.

What do you say?

Little Birds Know What You’re Thinking

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

No one came to the crystal bowl wellness practice in Gunbarrel today. No one has ever come to that event. You may wounder why I show up. I know I do. Last night I decided that if no one came I would take a few bowls out on the lawn and play anyway.

This morning I was siting there at 7:05 thinking, “crap, now I have to go play outside, embarrassing!” I went out with my coffee and started considering if I would really do this. I walked out on the lawn in front of ESC for the Arts, about 15 feet from Lookout Road. Morning traffic was buzzing by. There were a flock of those little birds in a big bush, chirping their morning song.

I thought, “am I really going to do this?” As I thought that thought the birds started flying from branch to branch inside the bush and singing so much louder. I looked to the west and as I did, windows of houses on the hillside lit up with the rising sun. It looked like a constellation of stars. Suddenly another flock of little birds flew directly over my head in their flock of birds kind of way; where they are about two inches from each other moving in perfect unison. I heard them singing, “do it, do it, do it.”

I went inside and got a bowl. I felt like I was doing a presentation with peanut butter on my nose. I put the bowl in the grass and got another. I sat down on my little stool and started to play. As I did, all the birds in the bush stopped chirping and moving around. The morning sun was warm on my face. I felt remarkably peaceful.

I played for 20 minutes. About one in ten people streaming by noticed me. No one stopped, not even the guy that walked past me on the sidewalk. He pretended I wasn’t there.

At 7:40 I packed up my bowls. I usually feel so sad when no one comes to my events. I felt really happy today. It was a huge stretch for me but in the end I felt so good. Its amazing what is going on early in the morning. I’m pretty sure little birds know what you’re thinking.