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How Can There Be Such Suffering, Loss AND a Loving God?

Monday, March 14th, 2011

What is love? The best definition I’ve heard is, “Love is allowing.” Love is also tolerant, forgiving, unconditional, everlasting, and extremely powerful. God’s love is at the root of our free will. Free will behaves exactly the same as love. There is no limit to it.

Free will means we can do whatever we want. This includes choosing to make a home in a place that we know is unsafe. We can choose to deny our eternal nature and our loving impulse. We can become so unconscious of love that we start to distrust and then consume each other. We can create unsustainable social structures and habits. We can create societies where the majority of the people are uncomfortable the majority of the time.

None of this has anything to do with God or Nature. It is our choice, or more importantly our attachment to our own mortality that frames our thoughts and creates this reality.

You are not finite flesh and blood. You are an eternal being clothed in flesh! Your possessions do not define you. Everything you own could be lost in an instant but you would still be you. Just because you feel fear doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. If we constantly emphasize fear and deemphasize love, it is a choice.

The only thing that makes us interesting to our Creator is OUR interest in Love. In fact, this is why God tolerates our wacky choices. From an eternal perspective, damaging your cloak (body) to the point of physical death is of little consequence. “Losing” a loved one is an absurd fallacy. Concern over coastlines or the extinction of a species is ridiculous . Nothing is ever lost!

Right now, it would be better if we could find a way to deemphasize our fear and emphasize Love. Our transition from a developing physical species, with the capacity to experience our eternal nature, to a fully functional creative being cloaked in matter, is now under way. There is no stopping this process. All we can do is go with it. This is going to require letting go of some things. Its okay, we are safe, the trade off will be worth it.