A Divine Boarding Call

Thursday October 25, 2012

This was not the post I expected to write. I was trying to write more about Love yesterday but something else kept coming out. I thought I knew what was “right” so I kept trying to fit what I was writing into the topic. Needless to say it did not end well. This morning as I awoke, I realized what the topic really was. My struggle in getting there is a clear example of what I am writing about 😉 Enjoy!

Everything that exists in the universe has consciousness, everything. Consciousness is what channels Love and holds it in place. Consciousness throughout the dimensions takes endless different forms and expressions. Consciousness is not necessarily aware. Many forms of consciousness just do what they do without thinking about it at all. Other forms have enough awareness to do what they do and experience it but not enough to question it or consider things, like self or other. Some forms follow very ridged rules of conduct. Others have more leeway in terms of how they can behave. There are very few forms of consciousness that have free will, the ability to choose from unlimited possibility in terms of how they will behave or what they will do. We have free will.

Having the ability to choose from unlimited potential, complete freedom, is an awesome gift. With it we can wield unlimited power. But in order to do so, we must be in alignment with that power. The only power is Love. Remaining in alignment with Love, even though there are other options, requires conscious intent. It is a choice. It doesn’t just happen by some magic force. If it did, we would not have free will. For a very long time we have been operating with only a tiny amount of our potential conscious awareness. We have been acting as if we can’t really control our own thoughts. Doing this is like driving a car without holding onto the steering wheel, hoping it goes in the direction we want.

Our bodies are physical instruments of perception and expression. They are designed to give our energetic nature, our higher aspects, experiential access to the physical world. Our bodies come equipped with their own consciousness. We call this consciousness our ego or small mind. This small mind is designed to support the physical body so that the larger, energetic aspects of consciousness can focus more attention on creative activities and enjoyment. Because of our goal, creating a fully integrated physical being with access to all of the powers of creation, we gave even our small mind free will.

When we, as angelic beings, entered into this project to expand our access to physical reality, we knew that there would be a period of time when we would be separated to some extent. We knew that we would not have full access to all of our capacities and understandings. The extent of this separation, this semiconscious state, was not known. It depended on the choices of our ego minds. The period of time that we would be in this gestation or creative state was prearranged and is known.

The separation that exists now is so extreme because of our ego mind’s overreaction to fear. Our small minds stopped trusting the guidance that we did have access to from our higher aspects. As more and more of us stopped trusting, we reached a critical mass of unconsciousness. This drove a wedge between our small minds and our higher natures. Our small minds cannot access or understand all aspects of our physical bodies.  Our small minds have, over time, bought into so many fear based beliefs about our bodies and the world that we have much less access to our higher aspects than we ever expected to during the design of this project.

When we are finished with the creation process, there won’t be a discernible separation between the parts of our awareness. All of the layers of consciousness will be integrated and fully functional. We will have lightning speed access to all of the information of the universe. The processing power and information resources of one fully activated mind far exceeds any computer system we know of. Access to the perceptive nature of our subtle bodies and all of the creative abilities we intended will be fully active and functioning. When these systems come online, there will be no doubt that it has happened. Our experience of ourselves will be completely different.

Our awakening is timed to coincide with the physical movement of our galaxy out of a creative ray of divine light and into a productive ray. We have been on the cusp of these two rays for most of the last one hundred years. As we approach the boundary, we are exposed to more and more of the divine light of the new ray, slowly giving us more potential access to our higher aspects. The awakening of humanity is assured because, in a productive ray, it is not possible to maintain the kind of unconscious disregard for the laws of the universe (alignment with Love) that is possible in a creative ray. This transition between the rays is happening this year (December 21, 2012).

It would have been possible for us to have much more access to our true nature sooner but we are not able to have full access until this physical transition takes place. The quality of the energy (divine light) in a creative ray is not of sufficient strength or purity to fully energize our multidimensional systems. The quality of the new ray is strong enough and pure enough. The new energy will activate us whether we are ready for it our not. The ship is leaving the harbour on time, whether you are on board or not.

Our small minds are about to be given the ultimate choice. Either we are with this program of being a fully activated Creator in the physical realm, or we are not. Your higher aspects made the choice to enter into this adventure. That is why you are here. You are a separate conscious entity though. You have free will. You can make another choice. If it were not so, you would not be useful as a physical instrument of creation.

I am not telling you what to do. I am telling you that things will change no matter what you do. Nothing is ever lost. You will not cease to exist if you choose another path than what was intended by your higher nature. You will not be able to remain on board though. You will find yourself in another place within the creative ray. Your belief in this transition is not required. There is no prayer you can say, or dance you can do, or song you can sing, or ritual you can perform, that will stop it. Your small mind’s plans for your retirement, plans for your career, or your vacation next summer, or your next teleseminar, are going to be interrupted.  The new financial system, the next president, full disclosure, new wars, bad pollution, or global warming, are all superfluous. At this point in time there is only one thing that matters. Are you going to align your will with Love and release your fear or not?

If you intend to align with Love and your higher nature, you can start at any time. Make a commitment to it. Offer yourself to the project, your own higher nature, and to God in meditation. Follow your love based urges, while releasing anything that is not aligned with love. Try to stay focused in Love no matter what thoughts arise or what is going on around you. Respond to your world with Love, regardless of what is presented to you or how you feel about it. Focus your attention on understanding your own mental/emotional framework. Release any belief or thought that doesn’t set your mind at ease and offer peace to your heart. Make yourself available to whomever asks for your assistance regardless of their ability to pay for it. Ask for assistance whenever you feel you have lost the path. I am personally available and will do whatever I can to support your efforts to Love. Every light being in the universe is also available to assist you and will respond to your call.

All aboard who’s going aboard!

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One Response to “A Divine Boarding Call”

  1. LisaK says:

    Ahhhh…yes 🙂 I have been reading many interpretations from others about 2012..so many explanations of what they feel it is about…disclosure, new government control, natural disasters, etc…without passing judgement (something I have been working really hard not to do) I understand that although all these things may be possible, in the grand scheme of things the only thing that matters is Love…opening that heart center and living by it..letting go of all fear…I am working hard and getting there..happy to say I am “on board” 🙂 Blessings to you