Accessing True Love

Monday October 22, 2012

Andromeda suggested I start speaking. This is not exactly channelling in the traditional sense. It is definitely and expanded view of things, coming from more of my true nature than I have ever consistently accessed before. Some of what is presented is new to me, some is a deepening of information that was acquired by asking previously. The information about consciousness comes from 40 years of experience and is worth your consideration. Enjoy!

Physics has long suspected that there is one unifying force that underlies the four fundamental forces in the universe. Love is that unifying force. In fact, Love is the only thing in the universe. Love is conscious energy. It is what powers stars and what holds planets in orbit. It is what makes up the components of atoms and holds those components in place. Love is light. It is sound. It is heat. It is matter, It is thought. It is also the thing we call life. Love is the living resonant vibrational expression of the Creator of all that is. Without Love nothing could exist. In truth, we are always in Love. Please think about what this means for a moment. Everything you experience including your own consciousness, the thing that allows you to experience anything, is Love.

We were created as a living vehicle to give our energetic beings the ability to enjoy and create in the “physical universe”. Our ego mind can only access a small part (about 10%) of the physical instrument (body-mind unit). Ego is intended to assist in managing and piloting the vehicle. Our ego was never intended to be the only aspect functioning in us. Our ego mind is primarily reactionary, being designed to respond to physical events for the well-being of the body. Without our higher aspects, it is very difficult to manage or even understand things less physical, like our thoughts and our emotions. When we talk about love we are not just talking about an emotion we are actually talking about the energy that underlies all human emotion.

Love, being the only energy there is, is far more complex than the emotion that we generally associate with the word. The fact that we use the word to mean, “I really like” as well, confuses the situation even more. Accessing the actual energy called Love and using it appropriately is the key to accessing our true creative abilities and our higher aspects. In order to access Love we have to learn to manage our fear. Fear, for most of us, is the main thing blocking access to true Love.

Our consciousness is set up in layers or folds. Every thought we think seems to echo as it penetrates onto or emerges from these layers. Some of the layers we are aware of and others we are not. The more we think or are exposed to a thought, the more layers it seems to resonate in (penetrate). This is the reason why a song gets stuck in your head. If you hear the song enough, or it resonates with you on some level, it activates in multiple folds of consciousness. This is also why it seems impossible to stop a thought. Most thoughts are coexisting on multiple folds of consciousness.  Remember our ego mind is reactive and can only access about 10% of our physical brain. If we are operating from our ego or small mind, we can only access one or two layers of consciousness at a time. If the thought is in more than one or two folds of consciousness, and most thoughts are, it seems to keep emerging, as if from nowhere.

Mindfulness, the act of watching our thoughts, expands the number of layers of consciousness that we have access to. The act of watching what we are thinking, if we can do it without judgement, immediately causes our awareness to access two layers, the layer doing the thinking and the layer above it, watching. Practising this on a regular basis is called meditation. Meditating causes our awareness to expand by continually expanding the number of folds of consciousness we can bring our awareness to at the same time. As we access more and more folds of consciousness simultaneously, we access more and more Love and thereby our higher aspects.

Our small (ego) mind, being reactionary to physical stimuli, takes fear very seriously. The more serious we think a thought is, the faster in propagates into multiple folds of consciousness. Since our small mind can only access a few folds of consciousness as awareness, our fear becomes unconscious very quickly. Fear is designed to grab our attention and focus it in the ego mind; So the aspect of ourselves who’s job it is to deal with physical things, can take the rains so to speak. Our ego’s job is to assess the situation, deal with any problems (with assistance from other aspects) and relinquish control back to the higher aspects. This is a bit of a catch twenty-two situation.

Fear is designed as a physical response to the present physical environment. The idea of a fearful thought, causing a fear response, was not intended. Fearful thoughts have the same effect as fear, they focus our awareness into our ego mind. The more fear we are responding to, real or imagined, the more of our attention is drawn to the ego and away from higher aspects of ourselves. If we are constantly responding to fear, it is very hard to access our true power and potential. If we spend enough time in fear, the higher aspects actually withdraw altogether leaving us with very little capacity to do anything except respond to and create more fear.

Accessing the energy of Love, in any real quantity, requires that we expand beyond our small mind. Love is accessed through the human heart. As layers of our awareness connect to the heart and thereby Love, each layer amplifies the love and channels it, though our subtle bodies back to the heart and out into the world.  In order to do this we need to access, as awareness, more of our consciousness than our ego alone can. To expand beyond our ego mind we have to release our existing fearful thoughts and minimize the effect of any new fear based thoughts. Remember, fear is a physical response. Any fear emerging from thought can be safely ignored. Fearful thoughts are about the past or the future and have no use in the present. Fear felt as a physical response to the environment can also be ignored, after looking around, if there is nothing in the present to fear.

Releasing misplaced fear requires feeling the emotional energy of fear without adding to it with new thoughts or repeating the old thoughts that stored it. Doing this means that any thought that comes up about the fear must not be allowed to penetrate into multiple folds of consciousness. Stopping a thought that is just arising is hundreds of times easier than stopping a thought that has had a chance to propagate.

Stopping a thought altogether is possible but it is an advanced practice. It is much easier to replace the thought with one that doesn’t trigger fear. Because of the folds of consciousness, replacing a fearful thought must be done again and again as the thought emerges into awareness through the layers of consciousness. If the fearful thought is brand new, you may be able to replace the thought with a new one a few times, and find that only the new thought remains. If it is a thought that you have had for some time, it may take hundreds of times, repeating the new thought when you notice the old one, for the replacement thought to stick.

Our higher aspects, our spirit, or soul, can only be accessed by increasing the energy of Love in our system. Love is accessed by bringing awareness to many folds of consciousness at the same time. This allows the Love to resonate from heart to mind and back through our subtle bodies. As the Love amplifies, it activates our entire multidimensional system, giving access to our higher selves and to God. With all parts of ourselves functioning together as one, anything is possible.

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  1. LisaK says:

    Hi…I am new to your blog, in fact, I found it on the Facebook Fire the Grid site and have been completely pulled to it…every I joined your site..first time…totally resonating with your words…thank you!!

    • kellymac says:

      Lisa, I am so happy you like it! You are my first registered user so we are both in first land I guess. So nice to travel together. More coming…

  2. LisaK says:

    so do I get a prize? hehe…just being silly 🙂 I enjoy it very much…looking forward to more!!