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Why Businesses Need Mindfulness, Not More Methodology

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Running Path

I solve problems for a living, mostly in the technology world, but I have skill in many fields.

Recently a friend asked me to analyze a solar powered swamp cooler prototype that he wanted to invest in. The issue was, it couldn’t cool a closet. I took a look at it and after some minor, and then some major modifications, I used it to cool my 1700 square foot home for the summer, at about the same power input as the original.

I can’t say more about that as it may become a new kind of home cooling device. What I will say is, problem solving requires an open mind, a willingness to see what is there, and most importantly, an interest in seeing what is possible.

As a problem solver I have a unique opportunity to see existing businesses with fresh eyes. Often I am invited into a company to solve one problem or do one job, but find other glaring issues that, if addressed, could save the company a lot of money or even the business itself.

A big buzz word in the technology industry today is Agile. Agile is not computer software. It is a method of working together. Its main premise is that in order to be effective as a team, you have to communicate with each other.

I have worked with many companies that attempt to use Agile methodology. It doesn’t really work. Companies that say that they use Agile and require new workers to know about it have by far the worst internal communication I have ever seen.

A simple question, sent in an instant message to someone that is shown to be “online” can go unanswered for hours. Managers have to request status updates on critical issues in real-time or they don’t get an update at all. Team members ignore each others efforts or in some cases even undermine them to maintain their perceived status. If someone does follow Agile principles by reporting on problems that they are having or work that they are doing to understand their job better, they are then seen as weak or incapable of doing the work.

It seems to the people who work in this environment every day that this is normal. As an outsider in these companies, the issues and problems caused by this lack of basic communication are blatant. Reporting the problems though, even when hired to solve problems, has proven to be professional suicide. You can’t attack this problem head on without risking your own neck.

Agile may work, if it were implemented as designed and if the Agile members actually agreed to the rules. I have never seen that. What I do see is, the problems outlined above are a direct result of lack of self awareness. People compete when they would be better served by cooperation. They do this by default, without even looking at their own beliefs and behavior. “That’s how daddy did it so that’s how it must be done.”

Whether or not competition serves humanity as the prime motivation for doing things is not something I wish to speculate on. But as a problem solver, I know that when people are working together on a goal, things go much better than when they are acting primarily for their own self interest. Within most businesses today, even businesses that claim to use team oriented methodology, there is very little real communication or cooperation. Everyone is in it for their own career, their own personal well-being. They are not acting in the interests of the company or others in it.

Mindfulness is the practice of noticing. Noticing your thoughts, your feelings, sensations in your body, and your reactions to people and circumstances in the world around you. It is doing these things without condemning what you notice.

How can that help?

The personal benefits of a mindfulness practice are well documented, as well as the benefits it brings to companies. But there is more. When you start to notice how you feel about things, you start to make changes to your behavior and your thoughts that promote feeling good. This is a natural occurrence once you start practicing mindfulness. No one has to tell you about it, you just do it. The simple fact is, people want to feel good and most people will make changes to do so.

Something that people find is that, when they are respected and act respectful they feel better than when they are not. When they are honest and talk to their coworkers about what is really going on, they feel better about themselves and better about their projects. With self awareness, people are more likely to talk to their managers about the status of their projects, they are more likely to respond to requests, and they are more likely to value the same behavior in others.

Technology is good these days. If hardware or software is not working, there are solutions out there. Methodologies for working together may help, if everyone involved agrees, and practices it. But without individual self awareness, mindfulness, it is going to be an average company doing an average job no matter how much money or policy you throw at it.

Kelly MacInnis has been working full time in Information Technology as a software engineer and a problem solver for over thirty years. He has done so with no formal education what so ever. For information on how that is possible see this link:

We Want Love, Now What?

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Staying in Love is an intentional act. You have to think it if you want to feel it. Love is allowing, It doesn’t impose itself. Unlike fear or anger, which just seem to arise like a bull in a china shop. Love sits quietly and waits. We must come to Love if we want it. We have to focus our intention on it. We have to release anything that arises that is inconsistent with it.

Staying in love is a continuous practice. It is a constant vigil. Affirmations are fine and good. Saying them can raise your awareness to a more loving state. Saying a Loving affirmation one moment, then condemning yourself the next, for some perceived wrong, offers nothing. Can you make an error without the condemnation? That is what Love does.

Practicing Love requires mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of being self aware. Aware of what you are thinking, what you are feeling, your emotional state, as well as any physical sensations. It is also being aware of your reactions to the world around you. In order to do this, you can’t condemn what you see. Mindfulness is discernment without condemnation.

Judgement has two parts, discernment and condemnation. Discernment is mindfulness. Condemnation blocks mindfulness. As soon as you view yourself or another as wrong, or bad, or failing, or less than you, or better than you, you block your ability to see and thereby, your ability to Love. How can you allow yourself to really see yourself if the seeing causes pain? Noticing what is creates the opportunity for something better, condemning it guarantees that nothing will change.

Love is as Love does. Taking action, based on the most Loving idea you can muster, even when you think or feel something else, reinforces Loving attitudes. It builds a Loving framework within. When you do this, the other thoughts and feelings quickly fade away. It is impossible to do though, while you are condemning the other thoughts and feelings.

I don’t think there will ever be a time when we will have only loving thoughts. That would be inconsistent with the nature of free will and the realm of infinite possibility in which we live. This puts us in the position of needing to manage our thoughts and thereby our emotional framework constantly. It is our gift and our curse to have such splendid power. Is is also our true responsibility. Given the problems that we know arise from not managing our thoughts, it is our most important task.

Staying in a state of discernment without spilling over into condemnation is what Jesus was talking about when he said, “Let those with eyes see and those with ears hear.” It is the difference between noticing a beggar on the street and having an insulting thought about his condition. It is also the willingness to forgive ourselves if a condemning thought arises. This allows us to dismiss the thought and return to Love in an instant.

You are the creator of your reality. With every thought, you bring your experience into existence. To maintain your highest aspirations you have to be them, in every moment. If a thought arises that is less than your best vision, you must notice it, forgive it, and dismiss it. Doing otherwise is only slowing our beautiful expedition into Love.

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Love, Sex, Dragons, and God

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012


After Andromeda walked into my awareness I had another, more subtle shift in prospective. I started feeling God within me. It is not something I intentionally did. It just started happening. I have heard, my whole life, that God is within. But when I prayed, I would pray as if I was sending a message out. My view was that this expression was going somewhere and God was there and (s)he would get it, and maybe respond.

A few days after meeting Andromeda, I noticed that I had started sending my prayers inward. I noticed that when I felt the urge to connect with God, I was now looking to my own heart. Even now I can see subtle rays of light coming from my heart chakra when I close my eyes. (more…)

From one Human to Another

Friday, March 16th, 2012


I have been meaning to write for some time. I have seen you struggle with all the changes going on. Trying to make sense of it all. Trying to figure out what might happen. I have seen you reading every post looking for answers. I have felt your pain and frustration as things don’t seem to be going as expected. I have watched you struggle with the increased energy flowing into and around you, not knowing what to make of it our how to fully integrate it. I have heard your call and I am here to help.

What I am offing you now is a rare and precious gift. Something I have fought many battles to acquire and wish to freely give. I know you will not understand it in the traditional sense but it is my hope that you will feel it and that it gives you some relief. This is not a channelled message. It is from my personal experience as a fellow human. It is current information about what is happening now and how you can experience it with grace and ease. It is ultimate freedom but it must be experienced not just understood.

The foundation of everything I am about to tell you (how I got here) is Trust (faith). This is step one and it is most important. What I am talking about here is the feeling of Trust.  Knowing, without any evidence, that something is.  I am not talking about trusting me. I am not talking about trusting angles or ETs or what other people say. I am talking about Trusting you. Try it now. Stop reading, close your eyes and feel the energy of Trust in your own body……..

“You are a creator.” This is not a metaphor. It is a fact. Lots of channelled messages say this. Science is even starting to understand the mechanics of it. You have even experienced it yourself. The problem is, you haven’t felt the Trust of it. You have written it off as coincidence and a lofty thought about someday maybe. If you felt the power of this statement you would not be worried about what might happen or which ETs have your interest at heart. You would totally relax. The energies you feel would become a welcome friend instead of overwhelming.

Here is how you as creator works. Trust. You are here not to leave and go higher. You are here as a conscious vessel, a container, for God to find physical expression and experience in the realm of time and space. Remember, I am talking from personal experience here. Ascension is not about you going higher. it is about higher coming to you. The way you create is by aligning yourself with the Divine and allowing the force of Love to move through you. You can not know, or control, this with your mind. Your mind hasn’t got a clue. That is why Trust is so important. Stop now and feel this information….

The teaching of Abraham is correct. You must control your thoughts. They are the basis of everything here. But Abraham is teaching to the lowest common denominator, ego. Here is how this works on a deeper level. You have free will. This is given to you not as some divine blessing or curse. Free will is required because without it your potential as creator would be limited. Because you can function within the realm of all possibilities, the responsibility falls upon you to manage your thoughts and keep them aligned with light (Love). here is the formula. thought (T) plus feeling (F) plus Love (L) equals manifestation (M). T+F+L=M. The reason your powers have been so limited thus far is because the Force of Love (God) can not flow through the random chaos of an unrestrained mind. Stop now and feel this….

No being in the universe knows what is going to happen here. Anyone who says they do is hoping, or trying to control outcomes for their own benefit. The only way anyone could possibly control what is happening here is by attempting to control you. That is why your Trust in your own ability, even though you don’t yet know what that is, is so important. You must know without any doubt, That it is you, beautiful creator, that has the power to make this work in whatever way you choose. Please stop and feel the truth of this now….

You do not need ET technology or protection unless you say you do. You do not need a more altruistic leader to tell you what to do or a more far financial system to work within. If you want those limits placed on you, so you don’t have to be responsible for your own thoughts, then you can have that. It is not your design though, or your intended purpose. You can not create your vision by hoping, or wishing, or waiting, or fearing what could be. Your mind alone can not figure out what to do or how to do it. You have to think, feel, and Love all at once, while Trusting that what you intend is, no matter what your ego tells you about how it should look. Stop now and feel this…..

Everything that happens in your experience, everything, is leading, by the shortest possible route, to what you want. No mater how it looks. Not mater how much it seems otherwise. Your conscious mind, as you know it now, has no way of knowing how this is so. You have to Trust and relax into the feeling of this truth. Try it now…..

No entity, human or divine, can save you because you don’t need saving. The only one who can effect your outcome is you. The only way you can do this is by controlling your emotional environment. The only way you can do that is by controlling your thoughts…..

What we are doing here, now, will truly change the face of all of creation, in ways no one can imagine. We are the game changer of all. God is entering creation, not from the outside but through you. God created the door and it is you. It has taken millions of years to finish the project. Only you can open that door and led God in. The only way to open the door is by allowing Love to rule your mind. The only way to do that is by feeling Love fully. Trust that you are the lock and the key. Trust that you can not be stopped. Trust that you are all the evidence you need to know that what I say is true. Trust.


in Love,


Kelly MacInnis


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A People Driven Solution: The Trust Economy

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Something big is coming. It can be really good or it can be really bad. This is a detailed outline of the good. The Trust Economy offers:

• A simple, elegant, fast, and peaceful solution to the world wide financial crises.

A workable answer to the demands of the 99% that can be implemented by the 99%

• Leverages existing models and available tools to manage and distribute resources in a fair and equitable manner.

• Easy to understand and implement.

• Creates a system that can not be stolen from or manipulated by a few at the expense of everyone else.

• Automatically aligns itself with the whole, without diminishing personal property or responsibility.


In the nineteen sixties and seventies, when technology was growing up, it was often said that technology would solve the worlds ills by making more abundance, shorter work weeks, and less toil and struggle. Robotics and computers were supposed to make life better for everyone.

In the years since, we have seen the potential of these things. We now have the technology to build a car, for example, without it ever being touched by human hands. But we don’t do this. The reason we don’t use the full extent of our automation abilities is because if we did, we would be putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work. They would be unable to feed their families.

Our financial system has no mechanism to distribute wealth created by technology to the common good. In the current model, a robot, or a human slave’s work can never feed the person it replaces; it can only increase the profits of the company that uses it. This causes a (more…)

How Can There Be Such Suffering, Loss AND a Loving God?

Monday, March 14th, 2011

What is love? The best definition I’ve heard is, “Love is allowing.” Love is also tolerant, forgiving, unconditional, everlasting, and extremely powerful. God’s love is at the root of our free will. Free will behaves exactly the same as love. There is no limit to it.

Free will means we can do whatever we want. This includes choosing to make a home in a place that we know is unsafe. We can choose to deny our eternal nature and our loving impulse. We can become so unconscious of love that we start to distrust and then consume each other. We can create unsustainable social structures and habits. We can create societies where the majority of the people are uncomfortable the majority of the time.

None of this has anything to do with God or Nature. It is our choice, or more importantly our attachment to our own mortality that frames our thoughts and creates this reality.

You are not finite flesh and blood. You are an eternal being clothed in flesh! Your possessions do not define you. Everything you own could be lost in an instant but you would still be you. Just because you feel fear doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. If we constantly emphasize fear and deemphasize love, it is a choice.

The only thing that makes us interesting to our Creator is OUR interest in Love. In fact, this is why God tolerates our wacky choices. From an eternal perspective, damaging your cloak (body) to the point of physical death is of little consequence. “Losing” a loved one is an absurd fallacy. Concern over coastlines or the extinction of a species is ridiculous . Nothing is ever lost!

Right now, it would be better if we could find a way to deemphasize our fear and emphasize Love. Our transition from a developing physical species, with the capacity to experience our eternal nature, to a fully functional creative being cloaked in matter, is now under way. There is no stopping this process. All we can do is go with it. This is going to require letting go of some things. Its okay, we are safe, the trade off will be worth it.

I Entered Into You

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I entered into you

at your request

Your sensual opening

allowing me to do so

has nurtured me these many cold nights

Now in the warming dawn

at the birth of our earth

in conscious awareness of the depth of your love

I awake

to return the favor

Come stay with me here

in this exquisite form we created

Come play with me

as we expand together

into newly imagined realms


A View from Inside

What would Jesus do?

Monday, October 4th, 2010

When I was 17 I read a line in the Urantia Book about Jesus. It said that he was so effective because he was able to bring every aspect of his being to bare on the task at hand. Ever since, I have been exploring the meaning of this for myself. To this day I try to gather myself up, more and more, so I can show up fully in this moment and do whatever it is I am doing.

Hypnotherapist Grant Connolly, creator of The Zpoint Process says that 95% of our mental power is typically focused in the subconscious. That leaves only 5% available to consciously devote to whatever I’m doing. I am pretty sure I do better than that.

Ken Carey’s book The Third Millennium reminds us that we need some of our awareness focused in the subconscious because it is the part of our consciousness that is grounded in matter. It is the part that supports our automatic processes like blood flow and movement. And when used as designed, our subconscious informs our conscious mind about the nature of matter itself.

Sandra Ingerman’s book Soul Retrieval talks about the concept of our soul taking flight in situations of extreme trauma. I agree that I lose my ability to function in the present when I am distracted by my past.

This distraction can be as simple as a thought or belief like, “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough.”  Another example is mentally lingering in a past event, a fight I had this morning or some old trauma. Habitual reactions, the ways we always respond to a given situation, can be a real hindrance too. Each situation is unique and requires an active response, not some caned reaction from the past.

How do we bring ourselves fully into the present moment?

To stay in the moment I pay attention to my thoughts and feelings. This process in called mindfulness. Being mindful alone brings more of me into the present moment by noticing whats happening within me NOW.

Once I’m here, I can see the thoughts I am thinking that are not present thoughts. Worrying about the future, regretting the past, justifying myself, defending myself, or criticizing myself. What not present things am I thinking? Once I know what’s going on I can change it.

Grant Connolly’s process uses a form of self hypnosis to release the emotional energy around beliefs. He says that if we deprive our subconscious thoughts of the energy to continue, they just fall away. I have used his process and it does seem to change my emotional reactions to life situations.

Sandra Ingerman’s processes involves a kind of shamanic ritual involving sound and suggestion to call the sole back into the present. I have spoken to people who say it helps remove the energetic hangover from trauma. I have not used it myself.

Jesus used faith, a complete trust in the supportive nature of creation, to allow himself to be present in every moment. He just let the past go. Using forgiveness, compassion, forbearance, and a willingness to “turn the other cheek”, he stayed focused on what he wanted in the now. This is the approach I use most frequently. There is something so soothing and calming about knowing that somehow me, the world, and everything in it is going to be okay.

An Invetation

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Individuals, Yet Unified in Love

We are grounded in matter and lifted by spirit both. Our intention was to bring a balance of the two into our form. Only then could we fulfill our calling as indwelt creature AND divine creator.

We are connected! Many individuals making up the network that is our unified awareness; earth consciousness. Each expression, an inspiration for the next. As we see what is possible, we expand.

Within the balance of our dual nature we can fully trust our instincts. We must bring our intention to love constantly into the automatic processes that sustain us. Only in love can the eternal energetic vibrations of conscious awareness flow through us, between us.

As within so without

Expand your self awareness beyond the confines of two dimensional verbal thought. Activate the watcher within your consciousness. See what you are thinking as well as thinking it. Stimulate the sensations of eternal love in your physical form. Trust that doing so will bring grace to your actions.

Guru can show you the door but you must walk through it. To follow another’s path, no matter how noble it seems, leads directly to mediocrity. For how can your individual expression ever fully shine through the filters of another.

Install the impulse to love into your inner life with conscious intent. Resist the urge to decide from your fear. Connect with me on the ribbons of sound that issue forth from the center of all creation.

Little Birds Know What You’re Thinking

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

No one came to the crystal bowl wellness practice in Gunbarrel today. No one has ever come to that event. You may wounder why I show up. I know I do. Last night I decided that if no one came I would take a few bowls out on the lawn and play anyway.

This morning I was siting there at 7:05 thinking, “crap, now I have to go play outside, embarrassing!” I went out with my coffee and started considering if I would really do this. I walked out on the lawn in front of ESC for the Arts, about 15 feet from Lookout Road. Morning traffic was buzzing by. There were a flock of those little birds in a big bush, chirping their morning song.

I thought, “am I really going to do this?” As I thought that thought the birds started flying from branch to branch inside the bush and singing so much louder. I looked to the west and as I did, windows of houses on the hillside lit up with the rising sun. It looked like a constellation of stars. Suddenly another flock of little birds flew directly over my head in their flock of birds kind of way; where they are about two inches from each other moving in perfect unison. I heard them singing, “do it, do it, do it.”

I went inside and got a bowl. I felt like I was doing a presentation with peanut butter on my nose. I put the bowl in the grass and got another. I sat down on my little stool and started to play. As I did, all the birds in the bush stopped chirping and moving around. The morning sun was warm on my face. I felt remarkably peaceful.

I played for 20 minutes. About one in ten people streaming by noticed me. No one stopped, not even the guy that walked past me on the sidewalk. He pretended I wasn’t there.

At 7:40 I packed up my bowls. I usually feel so sad when no one comes to my events. I felt really happy today. It was a huge stretch for me but in the end I felt so good. Its amazing what is going on early in the morning. I’m pretty sure little birds know what you’re thinking.