Crystal Cave Co-Creation Meditation 05

This is a one hour Crystal Bowl meditation. The recording was made April 01, 2012 at Om Time Yoga. There were 4 people in the room and 91 attending remotely from the Harmonic Tones of Intention (prayer circle). The weekly meditations at Om Time are a meditation practice. The intention is always to quiet our verbal thoughts, to allow our higher selves space to inform our lives. The sub-context is to connect with Love and find more creative ways to express it in the world. The remote attendees are part of a prayer circle of light workers. Their intention is to form a deeper connection with each other, you, and earth; To manifest a new world based in Love and Trust. Specific prayer requests are posted here.

This recording is powerful but it is not as profound as a live session. If you find it useful, try to attend a live session. If it raises questions or you need more information please contact me.

The recording is not music. It is a progressive sequence of sounds designed to assist in the process of releasing resistance to Love and spirit. Please keep in mind that the sounds will alter your physiology and your consciousness.

Start at the beginning of the session and listen to the end. If you get distracted and have to stop, start at the beginning again. Starting in the middle is not recommended as it can be disorienting and may cause discomfort.

Do not use headphones, they tend to cause dizziness in some people.

Do not listen while driving or operating other equipment.

Listen at a reasonable volume.


04/01/12 Crystal Bowl Meditation


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  1. henna says:

    i think this is absolutely music. maybe not the kind you can listen to on the way to work or in a club or while eating dinner with friends but ‘music’ is made to move us and there are all different types of music. the way you use tones and notes to bring up in us what is there to be brought up and moved would qualify as music to me.

    just thought i’d say.

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