Do Angels carry cash?

What do you think the value of the sun is? In terms of energy output, converted to dollars per BTU, what is the sun worth? On any given day, how much do you pay for the sun’s warmth and light? Should some people get more sun than others? If a person is unwilling, or unable to work, should they have to sit in the dark?

If we took our whole financial system and replaced it with one that was even, then what? We would all have the same amount of money to start. Some people work a lot. Other people can’t work at all. How long would it stay even? How long before the beggars are back on the street? Would our attitudes change? Would we value each other more? Would we be any more inclined to treat others as we would have them treat us?

We look around at the natural world.  We see life growing and exchanging energy constantly. Life dose this without regard for who is paying their fair share. The natural world doesn’t care if transactions are even. We think, “Yes but, they are not as intelligent as we are. We are smarter so we keep it fair. We balance it all out, so no one gets cheated.”

What about angels? Do they carry cash? When was the last time you were charged for an answered prayer? Do you think there is a bank in higher dimensions, loaning out money to build new worlds? Maybe angels aren’t as smart as we are.

I have been talking to people about living in a world without balanced transactions for more than 20 years. Most people I talk to say. “That will never happen, people are too greedy.” I always ask them, what people? Are you too greedy? Most say that they are not, but others are. I have met only a handful who say they would just take and never give.

In the system of exchange we have now, we are constantly counting, to protect ourselves from the greedy others. The percentage of greedy others is so small that it is not even worth mentioning, except that the greedy others are currently in charge of the money. Using money attracts greed. There is no monetary system possible that would keep greedy people honest.

Unconditional Love is just that, Unconditional. It flows freely, to everyone, in abundant measure. It doesn’t run out. You can Love many. Your Love for one doesn’t diminish your Love for others.

Money was designed in response to fear. It assumes that there won’t be enough. It assumes that others will take advantage of you, if they can. To use money is to measure every transaction, just to be sure you are safe. Finance takes the stance that it is normal to collect extra, as profit, just in case.

Love is the balm. It is the only thing that truly heals. For many of us, charging for this information about Love is an insult to Love itself. When we begin to treat each other with Unconditional Love and respect, our impulse is to give, regardless of another’s ability to pay. This runs contrary to the rules of money.

It is not that spiritual people want to be poor. It is that we start to see that EVERYONE deserves to have an abundant life. The paradigm of fear and external protection (money) has gone on for so long though. Most people can’t get there heads around another way of being. Spirit guides us to behave in ways that don’t seem to support our abundance. In reality spirit is guiding us to demonstrate a new approach to living. It is guiding us to create a kind of abundance that cannot be diminished.

being uncomfortable in the old model (poor) is not a bad thing. It keeps us focused on making change. The issue is not, “I should have enough.” The issue is, “We should have enough.” Finally acquiescing to the old model and justifying it, “I deserve this!” is a step backwards. Love doesn’t charge. Angels don’t carry cash.

Make a living by sharing. Encourage others to do the same. Our system must change. Not only spiritual people can see it. We have to walk our talk and thereby uplift the world. Your soul doesn’t care if you are rich. Your soul wants you to follow the impulses of Love.


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One Response to “Do Angels carry cash?”

  1. LisaK says:

    Lovely 🙂 A few years back I got my Reiki training…my husband asked if I was planning on setting up a business in the basement, as he would help me construct a room…I thought about it..for a split second..and then told him no…I planned on just setting up a space in the spare offer Reiki to anyone who wanted it…family, friends, strangers..I have recently given Reiki to a few people who just crossed my path…they asked how much and I said “You have already given me enough…a new person to give love to, to practice my hand positions on..and you know, when you give Reiki you also receive :)” I gave Reiki to my Reiki Master one day and in exchange of gratitude, she gave me an old massage table she wasn’t using 🙂 Being a vessel to give love, healing and light to someone makes me a better person!!

    So funny to read this just now, as I posted a little quote poster on my Facebook page today that connects with your blog in a big way!! Blessings <3