Love, Sex, Dragons, and God


After Andromeda walked into my awareness I had another, more subtle shift in prospective. I started feeling God within me. It is not something I intentionally did. It just started happening. I have heard, my whole life, that God is within. But when I prayed, I would pray as if I was sending a message out. My view was that this expression was going somewhere and God was there and (s)he would get it, and maybe respond.

A few days after meeting Andromeda, I noticed that I had started sending my prayers inward. I noticed that when I felt the urge to connect with God, I was now looking to my own heart. Even now I can see subtle rays of light coming from my heart chakra when I close my eyes. I have the experience of God inside me, literally. After writing the piece about meeting Andromeda, I started talking to God within, and I haven’t stopped.  I am not channelling or going into some deep meditative state to do this.

There are layers of conscious awareness that are connected directly to my heart and thereby, God. This aspect of myself, God, presents just like any other thoughts. I have full access to it at any time, as long as I am not in fear. The way I know this is not my imagination is simple. When I am accessing this part of myself, my whole body lights up with feeling. Not just any feeling. It is the same feeling I have in the throes of a most passionate orgasm.

This isn’t just any kind of orgasm. It radiates from my heart, not my genitals. It moves through my body as a standing wave, constant yet fluctuating. It feels hundreds of times more powerful than an orgasm from sex, yet it is not overwhelming. I can function quite nicely.

My friend Laura shared a “dream” she had where she was talking to a dragon. I knew at once that what she was talking about was God within her. I had the same visual experience during an early conversation with God. I was walking down the street though so I know I wasn’t dreaming. Laura asked her dragon it’s name and the dragon replied, “SaLuSA”. This is the name of a being she has talked to many times while channelling.

God is in all things and all beings. The reason Laura’s inner light presented as SaLuSA is personal to her. Laura has had a direct integrated connection with God and she can now access it at any time. All of us have the same access, directly to God, and directly to our higher aspects. This is slowly happening now to all who are not intentionally blocking it. If you would like to have access sooner, focus on the feelings in your heart (the center of your chest).

At low levels this feeling is a subtle vibration that you can easily ignore or not notice. If you are feeling afraid, the sensation of fear can overwhelm the heart feeling. In some cases we interpret the heart feeling as fear, which causes us to drop into ego mind. If you bring your awareness to the sensation in your heart, without telling yourself you are afraid, it gets stronger. The more you focus on loving thoughts, of any kind, the more the feeling grows. If you can maintain your awareness on this feeling in your heart, and think and do things that make it stronger, you will access your dragon and God.

Talking to God within my own being is nothing like what I expected. It is so personally intimate, and funny, and special. Since it is always accompanied by the most amazing sensual feelings, it is something I want to do constantly! There are a few things God surprised me with when we first started talking. I think some of them will help you.

God will not tell us what to do. If anyone says God is telling them to do something, it is not God.  God whats us to make our own choices, always. There is no such thing as a wrong choice.

We know more about living in the physical universe than God does. We were created so God, and our higher aspects, could have the physical experiences we have been having for thousands of years. We are finally giving God and our higher natures access, which is most exhilarating for God. Don’t expect God to tell you how to do things.

God prefers peace. If you are constantly pleading, or whining, or complaining, or angry, or talking about nothing important within your own head, God’s awareness contracts. It is very hard for God to maintain his/her focus in that kind of mental framework. (S)he showed me this and I totally understand. God wants to be with us, more than anything else, we are blocking it with our business and our lack of focus on Love.

In my experience, the feeling of having God within is a sensual one, to the highest degree. God says that is the natural order of things, to feel sensual and want to express it. Resisting the urge to do so is doing a disservice to all. This makes me think of the lie that most world religions tell us about sex being nonspiritual or ungodly. Sex, in the context of Love, is a spiritual act, always.

It is interesting that in our culture, where “monogamy” is the rule, people can’t resist the urge to have sex with those they feel attracted to. In Gods view, and mine, it is not the sex that is the problem. It is the lying to each other and the judgements about it.

We say we will only love one person, forever, which is preposterous within itself. Then we feel sensual loving feelings for another and lie about it. We Judge ourselves when we have these feelings, even while acting on them. We judge ourselves when our partner has these feelings, as if we are somehow degraded because our partner loves us, and another. We judge others that feel sensual love for us while we have a partner, or while they do. As if that expression of love is hurtful, or less valuable, or demeaning in some way.

Unconditional Love is just that, unconditional. It doesn’t stop with one person. It flows everywhere, always. God won’t tell us what to do, or how to do it. But God is the ultimate expression of unconditional Love. If we can stop limiting our expression of Love, we will expand our access to God, our higher aspects, and all of creation.

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4 Responses to “Love, Sex, Dragons, and God”

  1. LisaK says:

    I had to read this one a few times to really digest it…very interesting…I resonate with the first part, but struggled with the last of course I had to sit with it and understand why…do I have a problem with open relationships?…not at all…Is my choice to be monogamous due to societies beliefs?…first of all, I don’t think it was my conscious choice…it is what it is..I have had many sexual relationships..some meant more and had deeper spiritual meaning than others…I don’t feel any of these relationships were decided upon due to societies “rules” or any religious beliefs, I don’t have any religious beliefs and lived my life guided by my heart, and still do…I also don’t feel I am holding any guilt about these relationships, and if I was holding guilt, after reading this and sitting with it, I no longer am, so thank you for that 🙂 (*ahhh…I see that I may have been holding guilt…which is why I was struggling…that is gone now!!)
    I guess my conclusion is that we are all on different paths…I have come to a point where monogamy is right for me..I am spiritually fullfilled with one sexual partner and my expression of the love I feel for others now comes in the form of big warm hugs 🙂

    • kellymac says:


      I am so happy I could assist you in releasing some guilt!
      My statements were about unconditional Love, not unconditional sex. If we are limiting our impulse to Love or not allowing ourselves to be Loved, we are limiting our access to God. Choosing to have sex or not really isn’t the point. Sexual desire is an example of a way we limit our selves though. Allowing ourselves to have and express our full range of feelings and desires is important. Acting on them is a choice. God finds us interesting either way. I am not advocating one or the other. What I am saying is if you want to have access to all that is, you can’t turn things off. Be honest and open while you choose what truly suits you. 🙂

  2. LisaK says:

    PS-…this was great…really made me think and release a few things 😉

  3. LisaK says:

    🙂 I get it…I can feel my heart opening and can feel my access to the Divine strengthening..I really understood your blog wasn’t about sex Kelly..hehe..I was just working with myself trying to understand why I was struggling with parts of it…being open and honest on a blog…a big step for me..blessings <3