One Hour Meditation Guided by Sound

At long last, here is a full one hour Crystal Bowl meditation. The recording was made October 16, 2011 at Om Time Yoga. There were 18 people in the room. The weekly meditations at Om Time are A meditation practice. The intention is always to quiet our verbal thoughts, to allow our higher selves space to inform our lives. The sub-context is to connect with Love and find more creative ways to express it in the world.

This recording is powerful but it is not as profound as a live session. If you find it useful, try to attend a live session. If it raises questions or you need more information please contact me.

The recording is not music. It is a progressive sequence of sounds designed to assist in the process of releasing resistance to Love and spirit. Please keep in mind that the sounds will alter your physiology and your consciousness.

Start at the beginning and listen to the end. If you get distracted and have to stop, start at the beginning again. Starting in the middle is not recommended as it can be disorienting and may cause discomfort.

Do not use headphones.

Do not use while driving or operating other equipment.

Listen at a reasonable volume.

10-16-11 Meditation

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