The Value of True Intimacy and How to Fiddle with Your Tender Bits

Saturday October 20, 2012

Our global isolation from the multidimensional universe (the veil) is a personal matter. Intimacy, our willingness to share ourselves fully on a personal level, is the gateway to telepathy, access to our own higher nature, and access to the whole of creation. When we fear that we have a deficient part of ourselves, this fear becomes a judgement. We fear that if people knew about it, they would turn away and we would end up alone. Or that they would ridicule us, see us as less than them and not worth their time. So we hide that part. Many people hiding parts of themselves creates a global structure of hiding and maintains our isolation.

Hiding, even the smallest part of ourselves, from one person, is the underpinning of our disconnection from each other, from our higher aspects, and thereby all of creation. It also causes us to avoid situations where we might slip up and reveal it like ecstatic sex or even a deep conversation. Hiding causes us to be on guard and increases the likelihood that we are going to misunderstand what others are saying or doing around us. It keeps our relationships superficial or stops them from forming at all. It also isolates us from our own thoughts and maintains our subconscious mind. “Why would I want to see the stuff I hate about myself? I’ll just put it over in the untouchable place in my own mind.” It is the basis of nightmares, our higher mind’s attempt to get us to look at what we are hiding.

Hiding is also the root of our judgements of others. When we see another getting away with or even exposing the thing we don’t like, we project our self judgements onto them. Frequently we don’t even remember that we are just like that. When we see someone doing the things we would be doing if we were not hiding, we resent them for it. We try to find flaws in their nature or their work to justify our resentment. This stops us from exploring relationships with them and holds us in a position of both thinking we are better than and feeling less than them. This causes us to resist compassion and forgiveness, thereby justifying vengeance and punishment for perceived wrongdoing. It also stops us from trying new things, for fear that we will be seen (see ourselves) as a failure.

In telepathic communication we are totally exposed. Our entire framework of thoughts and feelings is accessible. We think that if we allow this, we will reveal the nasty bits. So we don’t allow the connection, with other people, our higher selves, or God. Since our connection to all of the higher dimensions is though our own higher aspects, this effectively cuts us off from everything.

There is a secret that few of us realize in this cutoff state. There is no hiding. Cutting yourself off in this way is like closing your eyes; You can’t see but it doesn’t stop anyone from seeing you. Others in the cutoff state can’t see you because their eyes are closed too. Anyone, in any dimension, who’s eyes are open can see exactly what you are hiding. Thankfully, anyone that can see you is not judging you, because they are not judging themselves. Their love is fully active, including their ability to forgive and have compassion for you.

Self judgement is a habit. Once we decide we don’t want to do it any more, we are more likely than not, going to keep doing it. This is because we push our judgements away from our own awareness as well as hide them from others. This means that they are hanging out in our subconscious, so we only notice the results of them. This is our judgements of others, and our reactions to others judging us. In truth, other peoples opinions of us are none of our business. If we are reacting to what another thinks of us, or what they are doing at all, it is a reflection of something we are thinking (believing) about ourselves. This is the key to locating the beliefs we have about ourselves. Watching how we are reacting to others.

Once we know what we are thinking about ourselves, we can start the process of releasing it while changing the beliefs. By releasing it I mean feeling the emotional energy that we have stored about the subject, without adding new emotional energy by thinking or acting as if the belief is true. Beliefs don’t dissolve into nothing. They are attached to us and won’t just die. We have to replace them, by developing new and better thoughts that become new beliefs. To do this, when we detect the old thought in operation we literally replace it with the new one. Add positive feeling energy to the new thought and release (feel) any feeling energy that lingers about the old thought.

This is a tender process and must be executed with love, compassion, and forgiveness. Intimacy is the willingness to share yourself, not necessarily the act of sharing. If you are still judging something, sharing it within a loving relationship with a friend or lover can be a very fast way to release the judgement. But it is not essential. In a harsher or more public setting, just sharing something you judge can lead to more judgement and slow the healing process. Reviewing the source of a judgement can be useful in some cases but is also likely to reactivate the emotional energy of the event, causing you to bring it into the present, slowing the process of releasing it.

When we have longstanding judgements from our childhood, they can take some time to release. In many cases we have left a part of ourselves in the past, meaning a part of us is still that age, operating as if everything we thought at that time is still true. This can cause us to react to a smell, a sound, a texture, or a situation now, as if we are still in that moment. Making choices about our world now, as if we are still in the past, severely limits our possibilities for creating the future we want.  Hold these inner children if you have them. Love them as you would have a parent love you. Tell them that you understand their pain. Tell them you know why they think what they think but that you are going to take care of them. Sing to them. Present the new thought to them gently, every time they activate the old one.

Every negative reaction you have to the people around you is about you. If you are feeling less than another or better than another or judging them in any way, about anything, you are reacting to your own self judgements and cutting yourself off from love and the totality of creation. You are helping maintain the veil that keeps us all in the dark. Healing these judgements and dissipating the misplaced fear is a personal task that has global significance.

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